It began as a light conversation among friends: “Oh look, that place is for sale. Maybe we could buy it together and retire there.” Over the years it gradually became more serious as we moved toward retirement and considered the benefits of living in community.

Many people assume they’ll continue their current living arrangements until circumstances force them to change — usually by moving into a retirement home. Until recently we shared this assumption. But when we thought about it, we decided it made no sense to wait until we had no choice. We’ve decided we want to choose our own community.

We’re open to conversation with others who may find the co-housing concept attractive. Read through this blog and, if you’d like to know more, please be in touch.

Inn on the Twenty, March 2016 horizontal resized
L to R: Hillary, Ted, Mardi and Doug

Hillary and Ted were married in 1980, have four sons and one granddaughter. They own a cottage and enjoy outdoor activities typical to Ontario. Their favourite urban activities are theatre and preparing meals for friends and family. Pretty much retired now Ted spends time on not-for-profit board activity and doing puzzles. Still working full time Hillary enjoys her work in public policy and volunteers for causes related to vulnerable youth.

Mardi and Doug were married in 1973, have two sons, two daughters-in-law and one granddaughter. Mardi is a columnist and Courage to Lead facilitator. Doug is a free lance writer who also acts in community theatre. They also enjoy theatre, preparing meals for friends and family, and cycling and hiking in and around west Toronto. Voluntary engagements include refugee resettlement, climate change and nurturing community.