Another 15 minutes of fame

We had great exposure in the October 27 edition of the Sunday Star, Twelve’s Company. Tess Kalinowski, the Star’s real estate reporter, spent some timing really getting to know us and understand what we’re talking about. In fact, she may have done a better job explaining us than we ever have — after reading the article, one of our adult children said “Oh, now I get it.”

Another media hit is coming up. We expect to be featured on the CBC radio program Out in the Open, with Piya Chattopadhyay, on Sunday, November 25 at noon (in Toronto).  If you have trouble catching the broadcast, you should be able to stream it after broadcast from the program page.

Our October workshop

Twenty-nine participants gathered over two days, Oct 20-21, to answer the question “Is Cohousing Your Next Step?”

They learned about different models of cohousing under the leadership of Kitty Elton from Wind Harbour Cohousing in Sooke BC. It was a fabulous event by all accounts (including ours). We had planned and hosted the event in the expectation that it would yield a half dozen or so who wanted to go on and explore our model in greater detail with us.


Everybody loved the workshop. Everybody, without exception, said it confirmed their intention to proceed working toward cohousing. And all of them had their own ideas about how that would happen.

I guess we coulda seen that coming. Wanting to do our own thing is a big part of why we’re here.

Undaunted, we’re working toward a new series of Associate Member sessions in the new year.  Three spots are taken; a few spots remain.

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