Becoming a member of Wine on the Porch

Becoming a member of Wine on the Porch Inc means you are a shareholder in the equity co-op which is developing this cohousing venture. It’s a big step for most people, so we’ve created a no-obligation on ramp that let’s you take things bit by bit. There are three stages:

Stage 1: Self-assessment: It’s the second-most common topic of conversation in the country, after the weather. Everyone has said to a friend “we should live together when we retire.”  But few people, in our experience, take the time to think through some of the benefits and challenges. If you think our approach to co-housing might be for you, take this self-assessment: Is Wine on the Porch for You?

Stage 2: Focus on Wine on the Porch: What makes our model distinct, what would it mean to become part of it?  Explore Wine on the Porch through becoming an Associate Member

Stage 3: Become a Member of Wine on the Porch
This includes your right to exclusive use of a 400 to 600 square foot suite, shared use of the common spaces,  and full participation in all decision-making. Learn more about Membership.