How can you tell if co-housing is right for you?

The best way, short of actually moving in, is to attend our weekend workshop, October 20-21, 2018.

You’ll learn all about cohousing and have a chance to clarify your hopes and expectations. Meet people who are already living in co-housing and learn from their experience. You’ll even get a chance to visit Wine on the Porch for an evening barbecue!

We’ve got the agenda and the leadership all lined up, but we’re not sure what to call the workshop. Help us out by taking our poll — or add a comment if you have a better idea.


2 thoughts on “How can you tell if co-housing is right for you?”

  1. Doug
    Do you plan to video tape the sessions? I’m very interested in topic but I’m unable to attend. I sit on a nation leadership team for a charity & that’s our bi-annual meeting week end.
    Thanks Debbie

    1. We don’t have any plans to video the sessions Debbie, sorry. Videos would be of limited use anyway because, although there is some input, most of the sessions are interactive. You wouldn’t get much out of watching people work in small groups. It’s possible we will repeat the workshop at a later date, but that’s yet to be determined.

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