Important Policy Announcement

Here at Wine on the Porch, we believe in pursuing our vision without fear or favour. We are focussed. We are resolute. We will get the job done.

And so, even when confronted with setbacks, we continue to refine our vision, discuss matters of importance to the community and, when appropriate, codify our discussions in the form of polcy.

We strive for openness and inclusiveness, of course, but some decisions are too vital to the life of the community. A laissez-faire attitude is all right for many things, but not all. There must be standards.

At times, this has cost us potential partners. Not everyone can live with our no pets rule. We sympathize. Many people are startled to learn that our home will have only one kitchen. We’re happy to explain, but that decision has been made.

The most recent in this series of forthright policy decisions may, we fear, be the most controversial of all. And while we acknowledge that people of good will can disagree, and remain worthy of respect, we nonetheless feel compelled to declare the truth in a matter that unaccountably confuses many.

The toilet paper unrolls from the top. The top. Not the bottom. Never the bottom.

Image result for what's the proper way to hang toilet paper

This is not only a matter of common sense (though it certainly is that), it’s also a matter of law, as declared in the original patent. It’s more economical and fashionable, as noted by Good Housekeeping Magazine. It is demonstrably superior according to science. And there is reason to suspect that those who prefer an under orientation may be more susceptible to passive-aggressive behaviours, which we refuse to tolerate.

There are many things to think through if you’re considering co-housing. This is one you don’t have to think about. Not if you want to live with us. The policy is made. The roll goes over.


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