Our co-housing model moves ahead

Thirty people joined us October 23 for an information session on our co-housing plans. Over the course of two hours we:

  • provided a presentation exploring our ideas in more detail
  • gave people a chance to discuss with each other their own ideas for co-housing
  • engaged in a q&a session
  • and explored next steps.

We’ve now sent a survey to the participants to identify their interests in proceeding. Some important considerations.

  • our house will have a shared kitchen, not individual kitchens. For some people, that’s a little too close. They’d prefer co-housing (cohousing) organized around fully self-contained suites. That’s not our model, but we’ll try to help them find each other.
  • our house will have a no pets rule, at least initially. Understandably, that’s a deal-breaker for some.
  • a couple people find our model too costly, or would like to pursue a different timeline.

And we’re delighted that several people have said they want to meet with us regularly and explore our model in more depth.

These are preliminary results with about two-thirds of the questionnaires completed.

We’re holding another information session November 13 to accommodate those who couldn’t get in to the first session. We do not expect to hold further sessions after that. However, we will continue trying to make connections among people wanting to pursue co-housing.

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