And then there was cohouseholding

In an earlier post we explored the many overlapping terms related to the concept of co-housing.

A couple of years ago a guy named Oz Ragland set up something called the Cohouseholding Project.

Ragland appears to have invented the term “cohouseholding,” by which he means shared housing that is also co-owned and co-designed, governed co-operatively and co-evolving.

Frankly, this may be the most descriptive term of all for what we’re about.

Sadly, for whatever reason, Ragland’s vision seems to have petered out. During 2013 and 2014 he assembled an impressive board of advisors and outlined an ambitious plan of research and publishing, but none of it has materialized.

In recent email correspondence, Ragland referred us to another individual who, he said, “might” be taking leadership of the Cohouseholding Project. We await developments with interest. Meanwhile, since cohouseholding is so little used (and such a mouthful), we’ll continue to use co-housing.



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