The big idea

In March, 2016, after several years of casual conversation, four friends began writing a plan for co-housing.

Working on a Toronto co-housing community
Hillary, Ted, Mardi and Doug after a weekend working on their first draft of a co-housing plan, March 2016.

Our goal is to create an interdependent community of people in mid- to later stages of life, aging in place in a shared home, to be located in downtown Toronto.

One of us insists the home must have a front porch; all of us like wine (although one prefers beer). Wine on the Porch is a place to share ideas among ourselves and grow the community in conversation with others who may have an interest.

One of those interested would like to ensure there is space for a garden. One would prefer rental to capital investment and wonders if our financial model can accommodate. At this stage, only a few things are certain (Toronto, co-housing, porch, wine) so the conversation continues. Feel free to join it.


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